96th birthday offering

Guidance notes

  • Submissions are limited to one per individual. It can either be a written submission or artistic submission.
  • Please complete the Submission Form with your basic details. Written submissions can be made via this same form or email submissions@srisathyasai.org.uk. All artistic submissions will need to be emailed, but please still complete the submission form with your basic details.
  • If you are unable to access the Submission Form, or are not able to submit your offering electronically, please contact your Centre/Group President for support. An alternative method will be provided where possible.
  • Once you have made your submission, the editorial team will proof-read and check your submission meets the guidelines outlined below. The editorial team may contact you to agree material changes if required.
  • All submissions should be made by 31st October 2021.

Written submissions

  • Expressions of love and gratitude can be in the form of a short message, a poem, or prayer
  • Your submission can be up to 500 characters (including spaces). The character limit does not include your name or age.
  • Your submission does not have to be in English. If you are going to write in another language, please contact your Centre/Group president or email submissions@srisathyasai.org.uk.

Artistic submissions

  • Original artwork for example drawings, paintings, photos of craftwork and other forms of artistic photography are also welcome. Please include a caption or short narrative (max. 250 characters, including spaces) to accompany your artistic submission.
  • Please note, photos of yourself, family or centre members are not accepted. This includes selfies with Bhagawan.
  • Drawings, paintings and craftwork should be photographed or scanned in .jpg or .pdf format. Please ensure that the photo is in focus and should avoid shadows or reflections over the piece of work being photographed. If assistance is required, please email the editorial team.
  • The resolution of photographs or scans should be of the highest resolution possible, minimum 300 dpi.

Examples of entries

Short message example 1

Dearest Swami – I just wanted to say thank you for looking after me and for looking out for me. This past year I’ve sometimes forgotten you’re there but you love me anyway. Thank you, and happy birthday.
(37 words, 206 characters including spaces)

Short message example 2

Dear Swami, thank you for never giving up on me and for sending me regular signs of your presence, be they hearts or coinsaidences… I know I shouldn’t need them, but I do. Happy birthday!
(35 words, 192 characters including spaces)

Poem example

Thank you dear Swami, for making us smile,
You’re always by our side, you’re with us all the while.
You’re so full of love, funny, soft and sweet,
Our lives are so blessed, as we sit at your feet
Your message is quite clear, we should feel you inside,
Not listen to our mind, as this truth it tries to hide
Let our light shine more brightly, from today let us start,
To build within us, Prashanti Nilayam in our hearts.
(81 words, 420 characters including spaces)

Photography example

I connect with You in nature, thank you for reminding me each day that you are always with me in the beauty of the trees. (25 words, 121 characters including spaces).

Have any questions?

Email the national team at: submissions@srisathyasai.org.uk.